Trains, LRTs and SubWays

The Rail Tracking System (RTS) is an automated inventory tracking system designed to revolutionize rail yard and intermodal terminal operations. The system is designed to automate the manually intensive trackside inventory process that occurs following a train’s arrival or before a train’s departure. Even more important is the systems ability to maintain the current inventory as equipment is shuffled from track to track.

The first step in the tracking process is to identify the equipment as it enters the facility and passes through the APS Rail OCR Portal. During this process the trains’ containers are identified and the length and contents are inventoried.
As the train is broken up onto storage or working tracks within the yard, subsequent sensor arrays within the facility continue to watch the activity below and continually update the exact GPS coordinates of each piece of equipment. This real-time coordinate data can then be correlated to a track number or relative position, and sent on to the underlying terminal system. The result is a fully-automated and completely “hands-off” inventory process involving no human interaction or additional hardware. The system can accommodate any type of rail equipment (locomotives, railcars, etc.) and, when combined with the Rail OCR Portal System, can output double-stacked containers associated to individual intermodal railcars.
The benefits associated with the system are both operational and financial resulting in enormous cost savings by reducing or eliminating lost containers, manual inventory checks, and misparked equipment from an operation.