BluFlo is the industry’s leading mobile and multi-channel application platform provider. We deliver a suite of customizable, pre-built apps and BluFlo™ Platform, which give your business the confidence and control to quickly build apps once and deploy everywhere. We also deliver a comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution for provisioning, deploying, managing and analyzing your apps.

BluFlo is new and innovative software that controls and collects data from almost any industrial and consumer equipment on a Blackberry device.  Quickly, effortlessly and securely, your required information is collected on the Blackberry and sent to the your Blackberry Business Server where it is accessible by whom you require and at any time you require.  The data remains protected and sound and is cannot be altered or modified by the user.  This ensures completely uncontaminated results.

This technology is patented and exclusive to Bluflo and can be customized to any equipment that requires secure control and observation.


Household Water and Gas Meters

Industrial and Personal Water Crafts

Trains, LRT’s and Subways

Oil and Gas Wells

Transporting Company’s


Our apps and development platform give enterprises the efficiency and flexibility of the broadest possible device and OS compatibility. Across all channels (including smartphones, feature phones, tablets, kiosks and desktops), across all major operating systems (including iOs, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Java ME, Symbian and webOS) and across multiple deployment modes (including HTML5 and mobile web, hybrid, native, and mixed-mode) No other provider has as many businesses successfully deploying apps to market.

We employ mobility experts offering the strongest SLA in the industry. By partnering with technology innovators, proven integrators, and a talented developer community, we ensure that you’re always confident in your decision to mobilize your business with BluFlo.

BluFlo believes the benefits of productivity, loyalty, and convenience should not be limited by hardware vendors and operating systems. We love the mobile revolution and rally to the cause of Empowering Everywhere.

Our approach has always been about making the path to better business easier for our customers. We want them to focus on the business while we keep up with the constant stream of new devices, operating system updates, and deployment modes.

Our world class development team does both new software projects based on your ideas, as well as fixing or extending old legacy software. Our proficiency in developing a wide variety of software allows us to develop software beneficial to any industry. Every project has unique needs but here are some sample areas of experience where we can provide high quality software in reasonable time frames:

  • Database Software
  • Analysis and Consulting
  • Interactive Websites (dynamic websites)
  • Legacy Integration
  • Handhelds
  • Distributed Systems

Why we use BES;

When you use BES, your company operates the server, and usually has it sitting somewhere within the corporate network. The IT department controls all aspect of the BES server, and it’s likely sitting in a nice and secure location.

Also, BES provides tools to publish applications, and define how those applications can interact with the phone and the network.

Imagine that you have 500 BlackBerrys in your organization, and you want to install an application (Mobile Office Documents) on each of the phones. BES will let you ‘push’ a copy of the application to each of the phones without ever having to physically touch a single device. You don’t have to worry about an end-user making a configuration mistake, or forgetting to install the application. It’s all done automatically, and securely.
BES also lets you remotely wipe and lock a device. This is very useful for those cases where people forget their BlackBerrys in the back of a taxi, or have them stolen.
With BES there are no inherent restrictions, because your company gets to decide all of these things. Want GoogleTalk to work, but not Yahoo! Messenger? No problem: BES lets your company enable one, and cripple the other.

BES provides what is essentially a direct link between your phone and your office environment. It’s very secure, flexible, and gives your company control over all aspects of the BlackBerry. There is a certain ‘baseline’ security inherent in all data transactions, and your IT department can always disable your BlackBerry if it’s been compromised.