BluFlo Innovations

New Innovations at BluFlo

  • BluFlo will connect people and equipment by utilizing our patented new technology that will change how we communicate.
  • BluFlo will ensure those connections are safe, reliable and private.  We will continue to develop and utilize our technology to ensure our clients are always able to communicate even during very large assemblies and events, where current technology is failing.
  • BluFlo’s technology will allow complete diversification of all Smart Phones regardless of your device platform.
  • BluFlo will develop our innovations for health monitoring.  They will be portable, reliable and completely original.
  • BluFlo will lead the technology required to keep your powerful smart device completely secure and private by utilizing protocols previously non-existent.
  • BluFlo will continue to advance our dominance in the management and communication between equipment and devices.   We will be adding new and exciting protocols that will not only locate, but increase safety for all existing water, land and aircrafts.
  • BluFlo is expanding our specialty in the water, power and gas meter divisions to include home communication, corporation communication and the ability for instant and automatic bill reconciliations and payments.
  • BluFlo intends to expand our current ability for equipment and devices to communicate into the automobile sector as we integrate cars, devices, drivers and security.
  • BluFlo will continue to cultivate our technology to facilitate the ultimate consumer experiences in both hospitality and retail environments, both for the consumer as well as the corporations.